How to Maintain Helmet

How to Maintain Helmet is explained for you to used SHOEI Helmet comfortably always. Helmet is consisting of FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic), EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) and plastic parts, etc. Each of these needs proper maintenance. Maintenance of FRP shell, shield, plastic parts and interiors is explained below.

FRP Shell

Materials Required to Remove Stains

To remove stains of a shell, please use helmet cleaner, wax or plastic cleaner available in market.
What are the precautions and maintenance methods for matte painted helmets?

Warning for Use of Compound

Please do not use the excessive amount of compound. Just apply proper amount for partial use such as rubbing off a scratch. Otherwise, painted surface is damaged and gloss may be lost.

Repair of Bottom Beading

Please apply instant glue to the part of bottom beading where is peeled off.

Shield and Plastic Parts

Maintenance of Plastic Parts

To clean plastic parts, please use neutral detergent mixed with water.

Maintenance of Small Components like Ventilation

Please use tooth brush or cotton swab for small components like ventilation.

Other Parts

If the functions of parts do not work smoothly, apply silicone a little after cleaning.

Warning for Cleaning

Please do not use petroleum agent. It deteriorates plastic. In use of home detergent, please do not use acid or alkali detergent or glass cleaner. Please use neutral detergent mixed with water. Crack of plastic parts is caused by use of organic agent like cleaner.

Warning for Scratch or Breakage of Parts

A shield with scratch may interfere vision by rain or reflection of light. Please replace it as soon as possible. Other components are also sold as options or replaced in repair. Please contact our distributor in your country.


For Removable Interiors

Please wash removable interiors by hand or in washing machine. When washing in machine, please put interiors in washing net. Please replace interiors when they get flayed or cut.

For Fixed Interiors

Please wipe fixed interiors using neutral detergent mixed with water. If they are stained extremely, tap them by cloth soaked into cold or warm water with neutral detergent or shampoo.


Please handle EPS liner with care. It is weak against solvent or heat. Please wipe it with cloth soaked into neutral detergent mixed with water by paying attention not to scratch or make dent. If adhesive gets deteriorated and liner moves, please never use such helmet. It does not work for your safety. Although a liner cannot be repaired, it can be replaced. Please ask inventory for discontinued model.

Regular maintenance can keep the helmet for long use and help you with early detection on the damage or trouble. If finding any damage or trouble, please repair it as soon as possible or contact our distributor in your country.

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