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About Helmet Painting

  • Is original painting of helmet accepted?
    No, it is not accepted.
  • Is it possible to paint on helmet myself?
    Self painting is not recommended because some materials of helmet may be damaged by paints or thinner. If you like to paint yourself, please take followings into your consideration.
    - Please make masking on portions other than shell so that they may not be exposed to paints or thinner.
    - Please do not use paint which needs temperature of more than 50°C for drying.
  • Painted surface is scratched. Is a touch-up pen available?
    We are sorry we are not selling a touch-up pen.
  • What are the precautions and maintenance methods for matte painted helmets?
    The matte painted surface is softer than the general coating, and scratches and stains on the painted suurface are easy to stain, so please be careful about handling. As wiping off the dirt and stains on the matte painted surface, please use a soft cloth soaked with water-diluted neutral detergent and be careful not to rub the surface hard. It may cause the matte paint to be lost and the gloss may come out. In addition, please do not use compounds (abrasives), plastic cleaners, wax and other chemical products and solvents such as benzene, thinner or gasoline which may cause stains or gloss on the matte painted surface.

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