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About Shield

  • Please advise darkness of shield.
    Degree of darkness is as below.


    Each shield has its own color variations. Please do not use smoke shield (Mellow Smoke, Smoke, Dark Smoke and HT) in the night because your view is disturbed. Please refrain from using mirror shield in the night either because its light transmittance ratio is almost same as that of dark smoke shield, lower (darker) than that of original shield.
  • Is shield anti-UV treated?

    SHOEI uses UV absorption agent added polycarbonate for all shields such as CW-1, CX-1V, and CF-6. These shields cut most of UV rays except old type shield made of materials other than polycarbonate. Please see graph below. This graph shows light transmittance ratio of SHOEI's shields. Horizontal axis and vertical axis indicate wave length of rays and light transmittance ratio respectively. Rays of wave length more than 400 nanometers are visible rays while those of wave length less than 400 are UV rays. Up to 380 nanometers, light transmittance ratio is 0%.

    This means that UV rays are cut almost 100%. Between 380 nanometers and 400 nanometers transmittance ratio is increased substantially. Light transmittance ratio of SHOEI's shields are more than 85% for clear, about 71% for soft smoke and 37% for smoke (light smoke). Lines of graph go up to those values. While rays of wave length below 400 nanometers are UV rays, a slight portion of UV rays are transmitted as indicated in a shaded portion. Therefore, SHOEI indicates UV cut ratio of shield in values less than 100%.

    We are sometimes asked whether UV cut ratio is changed by smoke or mirror processing. Although ratio is changes a little as shown in shaded portion, it is almost nothing compared with whole UV rays.


  • There is a gap even if shield is closed.
    Shield setting might have been deviated during your use. You can adjust to eliminate gap.
    Please refer to the below.





  • Plase advise how to attach Tear-Off Film
    Please refer to the below.

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