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  • What is the lifetime of a helmet for use?
    We recommend to replace your helmet 3 years after your purchase. Helmet may not maintain its original performance due to overage or deterioration while it is being used. However, even within 3 years, if you fall down and your head is hit or EPS liner is damaged by organic solvent, heat or proper holding is not secured due to deterioration of interior or chinstrap, your helmet must be replaced.
  • What shall I do for maintenance of helmet?
    Maintenance procedure are different by each helmet or its portion. Please be advised that wrong maintenance procedure may cause damage.
    Please see here for maintenance.
  • I dropped helmet from tank of motorcycle. Is it still safe to use?
    It depends upon how it was dropped or whether there are some objects fell inside helmet. If having any doubts, please contact our distributor in your country.
  • What I difference between helmet for motorcycle and that for 4 wheelers? May I participate in 4 wheelers race wearing helmet for motorcycle?
    Even safety standard differs between motorcycle helmet and 4 wheelers helmet. Some races may have their own rules and regulations for the helmet. Please consult with the race sponsor for details.
  • I like to apply water repellent agent. May I use coating agent which is sold in market and used on wind shield of car?
    Please use water repellent agent for helmet and do not use coating agent for car because it is for glasses.
    There is a page where maintenance of helmet is explained.
  • Please advise how to clean interiors.
    If your helmet is with fully removable interiors, please remove all interiors and wash by hand or in washing machine putting them in washing net.
    For detail please refer to "Maintenance of helmet".

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