Advanced All-in-One Flip-up Helmet Delivers Maximum Comfort and Convenience

The NEOTEC 3 is a new flip-up helmet equipped with SHOEI's state-of-the-art technology. Its advanced features provide a unique combination of functionality, comfort, and safety.
Along with a simple yet sophisticated design, the NEOTEC 3 offers a wealth of functionality to suit a variety of riding environments. This highly evolved helmet ensures you enjoy an ideal touring experience.




Main Characteristics


Making the surfaces adjacent to the face cover into side covers eliminates any gap between the rear of the face cover base and the shell, creating a seamless design.

Seamless design maximizes sealing performance

The NEOTEC 3 is designed with a simple yet sporty feel. Its face cover and parts connect seamlessly with the shell, creating a sense of unity.
We ran repeated tests using our large wind tunnel facility to achieve a shape that would effectively improve sealing performance. This is an especially important requirement for a system helmet with a movable face cover. When the face cover is fully closed, the adjacent surfaces are protected by side covers. These covers minimize any gap, significantly reducing the intrusion of wind and rain.


The rear edge of the cheek pads now extends further toward the back of the helmet to cover more of the gap around your neck. This prevents wind from entering from the bottom of your NEOTEC 3.

Newly designed interior components improve fit and comfort

The design of the exclusive cheek pads extends further toward the rear than in previous helmets to reduce the gap around your neck. Together with the noise isolator covering the bottom of your chin, they effectively prevent wind from entering through the bottom of your helmet. The area where the cheek pads contact your cheeks is also wider. This creates a softer fit from your cheeks down to the area around your neck for a more comfortable and secure hold.
The section of the center pad for the top of your head has a pocket design. If you feel any tightness in the front, back, left or right areas of your NEOTEC 3 during a long ride, you can fine tune the fitting using an optional adjustment pad.
The NEOTEC 3 employs a hybrid combination of materials in its interior surface: a highly moisture-absorbent and quick-drying material for those areas where sweat accumulates easily, and a soft, raised fabric for those areas that may rub against your skin when putting on or taking off your helmet.


Improved ventilation provides greater comfort in a variety of riding environments

The upper air intake matches the shell with its simple design and can be operated easily even with thick gloves. After extensive testing in our wind tunnel facility, we have isolated the shape for the top air outlet that enables the most efficient air discharge and the most effective ventilation system.
The lower air intake also offers a defogger function and once you fit the redesigned breath guard (included with the NEOTEC 3), a portion of the air taken in while riding can be comfortably circulated around your mouth area. This design reduces the feeling of stuffiness in hot weather and ensures relaxed, comfortable riding in any environment.

Circulation through the lower air intake after fitting breath guard K (standard accessory for the NEOTEC 3)

Defroster Filter
The defogger is fitted with a removable filter. The filter prevents insects and dirt from entering through the lower air intake hole. It can be easily removed for cleaning with the supplied service tool.

Face Cover

Redesigned face cover can be secured easily with its locking mechanism

The locking mechanism used for the fully opened face cover is inherited from the NEOTEC II and can fix the cover at two positions. The first position is convenient when you put on or take off your NEOTEC 3, while the second tightly fixes the face guard even if you perform work with your helmet on. The excellent grip of the locking mechanism is achieved purely by the structure of the face cover base without any additional parts. This prevents any increase in weight while also improving functionality.
The face cover has an eccentric rotation axis, which prevents any interference with the shell or parts when the cover is opened or closed. It also means the cover is pulled toward the shell when it is fully closed, increasing sealing performance.

The lock mechanism for when the face cover is completely closed is made of all-metal parts and employs a 360º-pivoting lock system that encloses all of the pins on the shell. The lock button is also fitted with a new spring that maximizes retention when the face cover is locked. Even in the event of a fall, this will stop your face cover from opening accidentally.

Shield System

Shield locking mechanism
The lock button of the shield is fitted with a spring that maximizes retention when it is locked. The button will prevent your shield from releasing accidentally even if you fall.

Specialized shield system provides outstanding sealing and rigidity

The NEOTEC 3 features our CNS-3C shield system equipped with a center locking mechanism. It is based on our proven CNS-3 system, whose form has been specifically optimized for flip-up helmets. The distinctive shape of the upper part of the shield folded toward the shell prevents the entry of wind and rain. Meanwhile, our use of the center locking system has improved the balance of adhesion along the window beading when the shield is fully closed, ensuring superior sealing performance.
The ribs on the upper and lower parts of the shield/visor also increase rigidity. Likewise, positioning the tab at the center decreases bending when you open or close the shield, making the action much smoother.

We have also added a gear to the shield base that fixes the shield at a slightly opened position. Riding slowly with the shield at this angle will let you circulate the air inside your NEOTEC 3.

Field of vision when using an anti-fog sheet
Anti-fog sheet is a standard accessory for the NEOTEC 3. It ensures a clear field of view even when you are riding in rainy or low temperature conditions, where the shield/visor tends to fog up.
Note: Images shown for visual representation only.


New attachment mechanism connects seamlessly with communication systems

We have redesigned our exclusive attachment mechanism for communication systems to make it more compact than previous versions. Attaching a communication system has minimal effect on aerodynamic performance and it now merges more smoothly with the helmet’s design.
The battery space is now a notch-shaped area located on the rear of the NEOTEC 3. When the communication system is installed, you can charge its battery by simply placing your helmet on a flat surface. As with previous models, the interior of the NEOTEC 3 is designed so you can easily install a communication system, with a groove for a microphone and spaces for speakers.

The new attachment mechanism is part of our SHOEI COMLINK concept. We have created its exclusive design for helmets compatible with communication systems. The NEOTEC 3 helmet also supports SHOEI COMLINK.

With SENA’s SRL3 communication system installed

  • Note: The SRL3 communication system is a SENA product. These systems are not included with the helmet. Please contact SENA with any inquiries related to sales, service or support for the SRL3.

QSV-2 Sun Visor

Wider inner sun visor instantly adapts to bright light

The highly convenient inner sun visor can instantly switch your field of view to “smoke” in response to changes in your riding environment. The NEOTEC 3 is fitted with our QSV-2 sun visor. Five millimeters longer than our QSV-1 sun visor, it blocks sunlight across a noticeably larger area. This sun visor offers quality that rivals the standards set by European sunglasses, providing a clear field of view with minimal distortion. Its opening/closing mechanism uses strong wire that ensures smoother operation.

Micro-ratchet Chinstrap

Micro-ratchet Chinstrap

New micro-ratchet chinstrap is lighter and more compact

Our highly convenient micro-ratchet mechanism lets you fasten or unfasten your chinstrap with gloves on. We have updated its design specifically for the NEOTEC 3 to make it even lighter and more compact. Made of highly durable stainless steel, it locks with teeth in two places when fastened and can only be released by raising its lever beyond a fixed angle. We have kept this extremely safe mechanism exactly as it is but made its parts even smaller. The strap is woven from high performance fibers that offer exceptional strength and elasticity. This has allowed us to maintain its strength while making it even slimmer, helping to improve its feel within the helmet.


  • Helmet Bag

  • Silicon Oil

    Silicon Oil

  • Anti-fog sheet

    Anti-fog sheet

  • SHOEI logo sticker

    SHOEI logo sticker

  • Service Tool

    Service Tool

  • Anti-fog Sheet Pin

    Anti-fog Sheet Pin

  • Breath Guard K

    Breath Guard K

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