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  • Can the shield used for NEOTEC II (CNS-3) also be used for NEOTEC 3?
    CNS-3 shield cannot be attached to NEOTEC 3.
    CNS-3C shield is applicable shield for NEOTEC 3.
  • Which PINLOCK® EVO lens can be fixed to CNS-3C shield?
    CWR-1 PINLOCK® EVO lens (DKS301) is attachable to the shield.
  • Can the interior pads used for NEOTEC II also be used for NEOTEC 3?
    No, they cannot be used. The interior pads for NEOTEC 3 are newly designed for the helmet.
  • Is a service tool which comes packed with NEOTEC 3 available as an option?
    No, it is not available. Please contact SHOEI distributor in your country if you lost and need a service tool.
    To find your local SHOEI Distributor: https://www.shoei.com/worldwide/sales.html
  • What is the communication system specially designed for NEOTEC 3?
    SENA's SRL3 is the communication system exclusively designed for NEOTEC 3. For details of SRL3, please visit SENA Bluetooth website.
    *SRL3 is SENA's product. All services and supports on SRL3 are provided by SENA.

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