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  • Please advise how to ask repair and repair charge.
    Please submit the details about repair request. The repair charge varies depending on the contents of repairs. Please be advised that, depending on the cases, we can not accept the repair request with some models and the contents of repairs. We recommend to consult with the dealer regrading the repair request before sending back a helmet.
  • Can discontinued model be repaired?
    We accept repair of discontinued model as far as parts are available. Their availability differ depending upon model and size. Please consult with your dealer after checking official model name and size. Please be advised that repair cannot be accepted when helmet itself is broken. From view point of safety we recommend to replace 3years after your purchase.
  • I encountered accident. Can my helmet be repaired?
    We cannot accept helmet which was impacted strongly by accident or some similar incidents. Once impacted strongly, protection performance of helmet is affected and it may not perform properly when impacted again. Please do not use helmet which is impacted during your ride even if its surface is not damaged.

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