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  • What is the communication system specifically designed for NEOTEC II?
    SENA's SRL is specially designed for NEOTEC II and recommended by SHOEI.
    For details of SRL, please check SENA Bluetooth website in your country or contact SENA Bluetooth.
    *SRL is marketed and service supported by SENA.
  • I lost the service tool which comes packed with NEOTEC II. Can I purchase the service tool?
    No, you cannot purchase it. Please contact SHOEI distributor in your country if you need a service tool due to lost etc.
  • Is it possible to use the shield used for NEOTEC to NEOTEC II?
    NEOTEC II is equipped with a specially designed CNS - 3 shield, the shape of the shield and the shield base are different from the ones of NEOTEC, so there is no compatibility.
  • Are the interior parts for NEOTEC compatible for NEOTEC II?
    There is no compatibility.

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