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  • Is C-49 shield for HORNET-DS applicable for HORNET ADV?
    No, it is not applicable for HORNET ADV.
  • Is it possible to use HORNET ADV without V-460 Visor?
    Please avoid using it without a visor because water should leak from air intake hole.
  • Is it possible to remove only CNS-2 shield and use HORNET ADV fitting V-460 visor?
    Yes, you can use in the way.
  • Can the interiors of HORNET-DS be attached for HORNET ADV?
    No, they cannot be attached to HORNET ADV.
  • Is C-49 PINLOCK® fog-free sheet compatible with CNS-2 PINLOCK® EVO lens?
    They are not compatible with one another. Please purchase the proper PINLOCK® fog-free sheet/EVO lens for your shield.

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