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  • I want to change the side outlet on the rear to Honeycomb patterned side-outlet. Can I change to it?
    Side-outlet is available as Option Parts. Please visit the nearest shop.
  • Are the interior parts of J FORCE III and J CRUISE compatible with J Force IV?
    The interior parts are designed exclusively for J FORCE IV, so there is no compatibility.
  • Are there the interior parts for Summer season available as Option Parts?
    The interior parts with the high performance of humidity absorption and exhaust equipped as standard.
  • What is the difference between CJ-2 PINLOCK® EVO lens and CJ-2 PINLOCK® fog-free sheet?
    There is no difference in the field of vision, but the anti-fog perfomance is significantly improved.
  • Can the shield on J FORCE III be used on J FORCE IV?
    No, it cannot be used.
  • Can V-440 visor be attached on J FORCE IV?
    It can be attached. However, there might be change on the aerodynamic performance.

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