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J-Cruise II

  • Can QSV-2 sun visor be used for J-Cruise?
    Yes, But the length of the sun visor when it is downed is the same as QSV-1. In addition, the shape of nose part of QSV-2 is cut 5 mm deeper than QSV-1. So QSV-1 is recommended for J-Cruise.
  • Is it possible to use QSV-1 sun visor for J-Cruise II?
    No, it cannot be used. If QSV-1 is installed to GT-Air II, there is a gap between the upper edge of QSV-1 and the upper side of the eye port because QSV-1 is shorter than QSV-2.
  • I lost the service tool which comes packed with J-Cruise II. Can I purchase it?
    No, it is not available as an option. Please contact SHOEI distributor in your country if you need a service tool due to lost etc.
  • Is it possible to use the shield which is used for J-Cruise?
    Yes. The shield for J-Cruise II is CJ-2, the same as J-Cruise.
  • Are the interior parts for J-Cruise compatible to J-Cruise II?
    No, they cannot be used for J-Cruise II.
  • I would like to know how to adjust the strap with MICRO RATCHET Type.
    Please refer to the following instructions
    Adjustment on Chin Strap
    After adjustment, please make sure to move the strap ladder to the end as shown in the diagram.

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