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  • Can the shields used for X-Fourteen/X-Spirit III (CWR-F/CWR-1) also be used for X-Fifteen?

    CWR-F and CWR-1 shields cannot be used for X-Fifteen.CWR-F2 and CWR-F2R shields can be equipped to X-Fifteen.

    CWR-F2 shield is equipped with anti-fog sheet pins, and CWR-F2R with tear-off buttons. The same anti-fog sheet (CWR-F2 PINLOCK® EVO lens) can be inserted to both shields.

  • Which PINLOCK® EVO lens can be fixed to CWR-F2 and CWR-F2R shields?
    CWR-F2 PINLOCK® EVO lens can be used for both shields.
  • What is the difference between CWR-F2 shield base plate and CWR-F2R base plate?

    The levers equipped with each base plate have different function as below.

    CWR-F2 Shield Base Plate

    Shield Adjustment Lever is equipped. If a gap occurs between a shield and window beading even when a shield is closed, a gap can be reduced by lowering the lever.

    CWR-F2R Shield Base Plate

    Shield Trigger Lock Lever is equipped. When the lever is lowered, the trigger on the shield base plate is locked, and it prevents a shield coming off from the base plate.

  • Can the interior pads used for X-Fourteen/X-Spirit III also be used for X-Fifteen?
    No, they cannot be used.

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