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X-Fourteen / X-Spirit III

  • Can I use a shield which I used for X-TWELVE/X-Spirit II?
    No, it cannot be used.
  • Which PINLOCK® lens can be fixed to X-Fourteen/X-Spirit III?
  • Can all the interiors used for X-TWELVE/X-Spirit II be also used for X-Fourteen/X-Spirit III?
    No, they cannot be used.
  • Is it possible to fix CWR-1 PINLOCK® EVO lens to CWR-F shield?
    No, it cannot be fixed. Please purchase proper PINLOCK® EVO lens for each shield.
  • Can a lower air spoiler be fixed together with a chin curtain?
    Yes, both parts can be fixed together.
  • What are CWR-F tear-off buttons for?
    They are the parts to fix optional CWF-1 tear-off films when riding at a circuit.
  • Currently using PINLOCK shield, but lost the pins. Can I purchase pins only?
    No, please contact the distributor located in your country.
  • The SHOEI logo attached on the forehead part of a helmet has come off. Is it selling as a sticker?
    We do not sell logo stickers for helmets. Please contact the distributor located in your country.

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