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  • How shall I choose a proper size?

    Please measure your circumference in your longest portions and select your size roughly. However, different from hat, a size of helmet cannot be identified by circumference alone. And also, you may feel different when you wear several models of the same manufacturer in the same size. Please wear your required model in your dealer before purchase.

    SIZE Guidelines for Setting
    XS 53cm
    S 55cm
    M 57cm
    L 59cm
    XL 61cm
    XXL 63cm
  • How shall I adjust size of interiors?

    Interiors of helmet are designed based upon standard shape of head. Therefore, adjustment of interiors may raise fit better for some customers. Adjustment may be made if a model is with removable interiors. You may adjust combination of "cheek pad", a pad on your cheek, and "center pad", a pad covering your head circumference.

  • Although fit is good as a whole, my temple aches when I wear long time. Is it possible to loosen temple portion only?
    When you feel a pain partially including temple, its portion is pressed heavier than other portions or weight of helmet is loaded on the portion. Please try as below.
    1. Please put folded handkerchief or thin towel on your head and wear helmet.
    2. If a pain of temple is reduced, please purchase polyurethane foam of the same thickness as folded handkerchief or towel and stick it on inner side of interiors.

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