Important Safety Notice regarding Counterfeit Helmets and Accessories

For several years, internet auctions and mail-order sites around the world have sold counterfeit helmets and accessories which are represented to be genuine SHOEI helmets and genuine SHOEI aftermarket parts including shields (hereinafter "counterfeit goods").

Since helmets and shields are the most important equipment among our products to protect the life and body of the user, we keep developing and providing products with advanced safety features and a high-level of functionality based on many years of research and incorporation of the latest technology.
As a result, our helmets and shields comply with the safety standards of various countries around the world.

In many cases, counterfeit goods are not subjected to the same kinds of safety tests as SHOEI products. Therefore, while they appear to be very similar to SHOEI products, they are certainly not as safe.
When we conducted reliability and safety tests for counterfeit goods purchased from the marketplace, some goods did not provide sufficient safety performance to help protect the life and body of the user.
For example, some counterfeit shields could fracture during a crash or by being hit by a pebble from the road during normal travel.

Accordingly, customers are advised not to use counterfeit goods as they may endanger your life and that of any passenger.

We at SHOEI consider customer safety first, and strive to protect you from such counterfeit goods by utilizing our intellectual property rights including patent right, design right and trademark right as well as legal protection based on those rights or those of the Unfair Competition Prevention Law.
We are committed to keeping a firm stance against counterfeit goods.

Please be aware that if a counterfeit shield or other counterfeit goods causes any damage to a SHOEI genuine helmet, the helmet is not covered by SHOEI under its warranty.

We hope you appreciate our efforts to provide safe products and to protect you from unsafe products and that you will continue to patronize us.

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