Lightweight, Pure Sport Full-face Helmet for Comfortable Sport Riding

Shoei's Z Series helmets have always been designed to be compact and lightweight.
We are now proud to announce the newest helmet in the series, the Z-8 / NXR2, featuring a sportier design and improved functionality that provides even more comfort while riding.
These advanced comfort features include a new shield/visor system that offers a wider field of view and enhanced operability, as well as a high-efficiency ventilation system that effectively induces airflow through the helmet. All in all, the Z-8 / NXR2 continues the proud tradition of compactness, lightness, and comfort that are the hallmarks of the Z Series.



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Main Characteristics

Compact & Light Weight

Compact&Light Weight

■Improved aerodynamic performance
The shape of the Z-8 / NXR2 offers excellent aerodynamic characteristics, thanks to the extensive know-how and data that Shoei has accumulated over the years through extensive R&D testing at our own wind tunnel testing facilities.
*Reference value comparison measured using our in-house wind tunnel testing facilities

Compact, lightweight form that is sportier than ever

Just like its predecessors, the Z-8 / NXR2 offers a compact form with distinctive cutlines on the side of the shell. The sporty shell design offers high rigidity, with excellent safety characteristics despite its compact size.
The Z-8 / NXR2 shell is available in four sizes (S, M, L, and XL), allowing you to find the right fit that perfectly balances compactness with comfort.

Shield/Visor System

New shield/visor locking system, featuring one-step locking and release

For the Z-8 / NXR2, we adopted the newly developed CWR-F2 shield/visor featuring a quadric surface shape for an intimidating design worthy of a sport riding helmet. By optimizing the curvature and thickness of the shield/visor at specific positions in order to improve the optical characteristics and minimize distortion, we have achieved an impressively clear field of view.
We chose a one-step, easy to use center lock system for the locking mechanism that keeps the shield/visor from opening unintentionally. When closing the shield/visor, simply latch the hooked tab onto the shield/visor lock button to lock the shield/visor in place. To release the lock, just press the shield/visor lock button.

■Shield/visor locking button, shield /visor tab
By placing the shield/visor lock system in the center of the shield/visor, we have reduced the amount of bending that occurs when opening and closing the shield/visor, while also making the locking mechanism easier to use. We have also improved the seal between the shield/visor and the window beading.

■Shield/visor adjustment lever
We changed the mechanism that is used to make precise positional adjustments to the shield/visor from the adjustment dials found in earlier models to much easier to use adjustment levers. The levers can be moved to independently adjust the seal of the shield/visor on the left and right sides in 1 mm increments.

By making the base of the shield/visor more compact, we were able to create more space between the side of the window beading and the edge of the shell. We also greatly increased the side field of vision by moving the pins toward the rear.


A PINLOCK® EVO lens, which protects against shield/visor fogging caused by low temperatures or rainy weather, is provided as standard. The lens used for the CWR-F2 was redesigned and enlarged by 10% compared to older models. We also moved the mounting pins much farther back so that practically the entire field of view is now covered by the PINLOCK® EVO lens.

Effect of the PINLOCK® EVO lens on the field of view

*Image shown is for purpose of illustration.

CWR-F2 Shield + PINLOCK® EVO lens

Quiet Design

Noise reduction for a comfortable ride

The vortex generators on the newly designed CWR-F2 shield/visor reduce wind noise by dampening the disruption of airflow along the side of the shield/visor, near the rider's ears. In addition, the Z-8 / NXR2 is constructed to prevent wind from entering through the bottom of the helmet, thanks both to the large, soft cheek pads located near the Z-8 / NXR2's unique cutlines on the side of the shell, as well as to the impact absorbing liner that cradles the rider's neck.

■Z-8 / NXR2 Noise Reduction:(Comparison with the Z-7)
The graphs above show a comparison of wind noise in the Z-7 and the Z-8 / NXR2 at a simulated speed of 100 km/h. Compared to its predecessor, the Z-8 / NXR2 demonstrates a clear reduction of noise, especially in the low frequency range.
*Reference value comparison measured using our in-house wind tunnel testing facilities

■Ear Space
Just like its predecessor, the Z-8 / NXR2 is equipped with ear pads that keep noise out. We used a punching process for the ear pad plate. This prevents sound reverberations inside the helmet even when you've removed the ear pads.

■Vortex Generators
We optimized the shape of the vortex generators by using our own wind tunnel testing facilities to test different combinations of vector generator shapes, quantities, and spacing.

Ventilation System

■Z-8 / NXR2 Ventilation Performance:(Comparison with the Z-7)
These color images show the temperature decrease inside the Z-8 / NXR2 versus the Z-7 after being subjected to wind speeds of 100 km/h for one minute. The Z-8 / NXR2 exhibits clearly superior interior cooling when compared with its predecessor, the Z-7.
*Reference value comparison measured using our in-house wind tunnel testing facilities

High-efficiency ventilation proven by cooler temperatures

For riders who are looking for a comfortable helmet, ventilation performance is one of the most important factors to consider. Thanks to a newly added air intake hole, the Z-8 / NXR2 boasts improved airflow through the helmet when compared with earlier models. As a result of extensive testing designed to optimize airflow when the rider is in a sport riding posture, the Z-8 / NXR2 features a two-hole air scoop shape with additional upper air intakes on the left and right sides of the helmet. Incoming air is guided into the interior of the helmet via channels through the impact absorbing liner, and warm air is effectively expelled through the top air outlets with even greater efficiency than in earlier models. The end result is a ventilation system that balances the inflow and outflow of air through the helmet.


Comfortable fit for sport riding

The Z-8 / NXR2 employs a hybrid combination of materials in its interior: a proven, highly moisture-absorbent and quick-drying material for those areas where sweat accumulates easily, and a soft, raised fabric for those areas that may rub against the rider's skin when putting on or taking off the helmet.
In addition to making the helmet easier to put on and take off, the newly designed cheek pads provide a voluminous and soft feel that conforms comfortably with the contours of the rider's neck, while also preventing noise from entering the helmet.

The slightly exposed red plates of the cheek pads that peek out from the cutlines on the side of the shell add to the sporty appearance of the Z-8.


E.Q.R.S.(Emergency Quick Release System)

System for removing helmet in an emergency in the event of an accident

The E.Q.R.S. (Emergency Quick Release System) allows the helmet to be easily removed by someone else, in the event that the rider is in an accident and requires rapid emergency assistance. The E.Q.R.S. features a special ribbon on the cheek pads that hold the rider's cheeks, which can be pulled during an emergency to remove the cheek pads from the helmet. This allows the helmet to be easily removed from the head of the rider who needs emergency assistance.
*Please do not use the E.Q.R.S. when removing cheek pads for maintenance.

Pull on the red ribbon with your finger to pull out the cheek pads.


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  • CWR-F2 PINLOCK® EVO lens

    CWR-F2 PINLOCK® EVO lens



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