Whatever the riding scene may be, the next-generation standard rides on

A design that evokes a unique mood, featuring black parts that stand out.
While being a standard model, the always attractive presence of the RYD proudly features SHOEI's technology and know-how through and through, making a pleasurable ride a reality.
Anywhere, with any bike. Ride together with the RYD in the city or on long touring.



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Main Characteristics


A precisely calculated, attractive design

  • - The flowing lines with edges in The sharp form around The jawbone area give an aggressive impression for a design with a feeling of strength.
  • - Comparing this helmet with our previous model, we were able to create a more compact shell, and we took measures such as coloring the ventilation components black, in the pursuit of a visually compact design as well.

Ventilation system

Wind drawn into the helmet even when riding on hot days, for a comfortable ride

  • - Ventilation is one of the key points of the RYD design. Wind is drawn in from two intake ports on the front of the helmet and comes out from two outlets in the back, letting out the hot air inside the helmet.
  • - The lower air intake at the base of the mouth lets air drawn in flow inside the shield, acting as a defroster to eliminate shield fogging.

Shield System

The shield base can be slid back into four positions by the dial.

Shield that makes simple operation with a clear field of vision through optical design a reality

  • - By changing the curvature on certain components through our optical design, this helmet features the CWR-1 shield, which makes clear line of sight with a minimum of curvature a reality. Blocks 99% of incoming ultraviolet light.
  • - The ribs equipped on the top and bottom edges of the shield eliminate bending when riding due to wind pressure and twisting when opening and closing the shield, allowing the shield to open and close smoothly.
  • - QR-E shield base allows the shield to be easily removed and fixed. The dial on the base can be used for fine adjustment of the shield position.
  • - The window beadings which seal to the shield are separated to upper and side. This offers more flexibility and improves the seal on the shield, minimizing wind noise.


A PINLOCK® EVO lens that protects against shield fogging is provided as standard

This ensures a clear field of vision by reducing fogging even in situations where shield fogging is likely to occur.

Vision of PINLOCK® EVO lens for CWR-1 PINLOCK®
Anti-fog sheet covers large area of a shield.
*The photo is illustrative purpose only.



Interior stays clean with full-removable pads
Soft touch and firm grip for a comfortable ride

  • - The center pad, cheek pad, ear pad and chinstrap cover are all removable and can be cleaned.
  • - The interior surface is made of napped fabric. With its soft touch, this material rubs gently against your skin when you take off and put on your helmet.
  • - Three-dimensional urethane pads allow the entire interior to firmly grip the rider’s head in place, offering a comfortable fit.
  • - Even softer urethane is used for the parts inside the helmet that come into contact with the temples of your eyeglasses. This reduces the pressure on your temples, making it easier to wear glasses.

The ear space features detachable ear pads, letting you adjust the space around your ears. The ear space has been punch-pressed so that the sound inside the helmet does not have an effect when removing the ear pads.


In the event that the rider needs medical assistance, this system allows another person to quickly provide medical help. Although prompt action is required when offering medical assistance to the rider, the rider’s helmet must be removed with great care. The E.Q.R.S. provides a special ribbon on the cheek pads that can be pulled during a medical emergency to easily detach the cheek pads from the helmet. By pulling off the cheek pad that holds the rider’s cheek in place, the helmet can be removed from the rider’s head with ease.

*When removing cheek pads for a usual maintenance, do not use E.Q.R.S. tabs.

Pulling the red ribbon at the end of the cheek pad with your finger allows the cheek pad to be removed.


  • Helmet Bag

    Helmet Bag

  • Breath Guard F

    Breath Guard F

  • Chin Curtain D

    Chin Curtain D

  • Silicone Oil

    Silicone Oil

  • CWR-1 PINLOCK® EVO lens

    CWR-1 PINLOCK® EVO lens

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